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A Turkey for Christmas?

Christmas lunch is surely the most important meal of the year. It is a time to celebrate with family and friends, a time to enjoy turkey and all the trimmings. Although there are alternatives; most of us decide to opt for this traditional Christmas meat. This year why not make that choice even more special by considering a Croft Farm Turkey, an alternative that will guarantee a particularly memorable meal.

Our Turkeys

In June Croft Farm became the proud owners of a small flock of Heritage turkeys. These birds will be brought up in our orchard, and are now gobbling happily by the river, under the apple trees, ready to eat the organic windfall apples in the autumn.
We have four different Heritage breeds: Reds, Blacks, Bronzes and Slates, which will all grow to different sizes. The turkeys have a cereal based diet (other than the windfall apples!) and from the beginning of October they will be fed solely on oats to give them a lovely rich finish.

The Difference

As well as the superior taste and texture, these free range breeds are popular because they have much better welfare standards. The birds are able to roam outdoors, scratch under the trees, roost on hay bales and dust bath. In contrast to the mechanised, rushed and rather brutal process used on their commercial cousins, these Heritage breeds develop their full flavor as a result of their organic outdoor lifestyle and slower growth. They offer a tastier Christmas experience.

In addition, our birds will be expertly hand plucked and then hung for two weeks in a cold room. This process is key in developing the natural characteristics, as it gives the meat time to develop its full delicious and succulent flavour. As a result your turkey will be packaged in carry home box, and oven ready for you just in time for Christmas!

Size and weight guideline

We keep a variety of turkeys to guarantee a range of sizes from 22lbs+ down to around 8lbs. The weight of our Christmas turkeys is largely governed by breed and gender, so apologies, but we are unable to guarantee a particular type as size will be a specific colour or gender.

Less than 8 lbs
up to 3 people
8 – 10 lbs up to 4 people
11 – 13 lbs up to 6 people
15 – 18 lbs up to 8 people
18 - 22 lbs 10+ people

Of course the size of the turkey you order depends on your appetites and whether you want any leftovers! We try to give you a bird within 2lbs (1 kilogram plus or minus) of your requested weight and we will only charge you for up to 1kg above your requested weight.


Turkey with Giblets

Ordering/Choosing your Christmas turkey

We start taking orders in October, and accept orders on a first come first served basis with earlier orders receiving priority on size allocation. If you’d like to be put on our mailing list please email alice.reason1@gmail.com or call 01582 832071 and we’ll get back to you in late October.


Situated in Wheathampstead we're convenient for collection from Harpenden, St Albans, Luton, and the surrounding area.







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